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Terms and Conditions of Airfield Use

  1. Compliance with these Terms and Conditions:- All aircraft landing at the airfield will be deemed to have read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions. 


  2. Management: - Visiting Pilots will comply with all reasonable requests made by an official of the club or any club member.


  3. Aircraft Types:- Due to planning restrictions no helicopters or aircraft over 2,650 lbs MTOW are permitted to use the airfield.


  4. Insurance: - All visiting aircraft must carry the legal minimum insurance and will indemnify and keep indemnified Chilbolton Flying Club for any act or omission of the visiting pilot and or any passengers.  


  5. Booking in: - It is a requirement of the airfield’s planning permission that all movements are recorded into the Movements Log. On arrival, all aircraft are to park in the designated parking area in front of the caravan. The caravan is designated as “C” and this is where the Movement Log is located for completion by the pilot. 


  6. Landing Fees: - Landing Fees are payable on the day in cash or bank transfer. The system is to fill in the Movements Log and then place the Landing Fee in the small envelop provided with the registration of your plane clearly written on the envelop and then place the envelop in the box provided. If you pay by bank transfer please put your aircraft reg in the payment reference. 

    Landing Fee from 1st   Jan    2018                      £5.00
    Overnight Parking                                               £5.00
    Club Membership to include all Landing Fees     £75.00 p.a.


  7. Pilot Briefing: - Visiting pilots must thoroughly familiarise themselves with the pilot briefing notes on the airfield website  . In particular, please note the noise abatement and circuit procedures.

  8. Safety: - The Pilot in Command is responsible for the safety of any passengers they bring onto the airfield. If the pilot becomes aware of anything that might pose a danger to other pilots then please contact the club chairman on the contact details given on the club website.

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